Inspiring Female Adventurer Interview with Kellie!

Have you ever wondered how that women you know seems to be so full of energy and always off exploring the world so often.

Have you ever wondered “How can I do that”……well wonder no more, I know just the type of women you need inspiring from and here is my interview with her.

Welcome to the Inspiring Female Adventurers series.  I have a vision for Every Other Day Adventures to showcase amazing women that are achieving incredible results (both physically and mentally) through their engagement with the outdoors. I hope that this series helps to motivate you to have your own.

First cab of the rank is Kellie, who I recently interviewed. She is an incredibly uplifting, motivated and dedicated women and is the perfect person to lead us into this series.

I hope you enjoy this uplifting and motivating interview below with our first brave women – Kellie

Meet Kellie

Kellie the Adventurer



Kellie is a Manager by day

Aged 35, from Melbourne (Australia)

Her favourite activities are Running, Kayaking and Walking


 I do these “adventures” to grow as a person.


Heres the interview:

Q: You’re a very active person; give us an idea of what you’ve been up to recently 

I have done the Kokoda Trek with my Mum (PNG), Kayaked and camped along the Shoalhaven River (NSW).  I completed a Night Half Marathon and a 50km trailrun along the beautiful Surf Coast (VIC), done some walking and caving at Bungonia National Park (NSW) and also a charity walk more recently.

Some of my longer kayak trips have been three Days along the Murrumbidgee River (NSW) and three days along the Murray River.

Q: I’ve had the fantastic experience of being your friend for a few years now and I know how busy you have been exploring and challenging yourself in the great outdoors. Give a run down on some of the highlights over the years.

Oh, there are so many things out there KC (EODA Xped founder) that we’ll never ever get the opportunity to experience, so why not grab the bull by the horns and jump right on when we can. I am so fortunate to have the health, wealth, opportunity and willing friends to get “amongst it” come  Rain, Hail or Shine. So many others aren’t as lucky.

The highlights for me are definitely those activities that not only challenge me both physically and mentally, but those activities that allow me to grow in some way. Sometimes that includes those activities that open my eyes to amazing physical feats performed by the most unassuming people, sometimes its those activities that leave me in awe of what Mother nature can do and how powerful, yet fragile our environment is.

“The problem is, once you start, you just want more…”

Falls Creek Raid - Multi Sport Event…great peeps!!
Falls Creek Raid – Multi Sport Event…great peeps!!

Running a 50km trailrun was truly amazing, to have the opportunity to push myself beyond where I had ever gone was truly amazing……the problem is, once you start, you just want more….I constantly think of how truly resilient the human body can be and how, when treated right, can be pushed, pulled and sometimes coaxed or bribed into achieving feats previously thought impossible.

Camping and kayaking along the Murrumbidgee and Shoalhaven rivers were pretty damn terrific memories for me.  Memories of terrific scenery (Shalhaven gorge is awe inspiring), accommodating weather (hail is actually really cool when experienced in a kayak, and the rainbows produced when the sun comes out are magnificent).

The friendships that are strengthened through experiences shared, (watching KC’s unwavering courage as she tarzan swung off a tree over and into the Murrumbidgee at sunset) are often longlasting.  And the smiles I have when reminiscing  are all highlights.

I walked along the Bungonia Gorge (in NSW) and I will remember that trip forever.  The walk is short but theres something really cool about picking your way through large limestone boulders, up and over a landscape so different to anything you’ve seen. Thinking about how short your life is in comparison to this world.

” …picking your way through large limestone boulders, up and over a landscape so different to anything you’ve seen. Thinking about how short your life is in comparison to this world.”

I think I do these “adventures” to grow as a person.  I’ll only get one chance and I’m pretty sure that I will never ever regret taking on adventures, new experiences or making/strengthening friendships, but I may regret not taking the opportunities while I have them.

I love the feeling of exhaustion mixed with exhilaration, sore muscles from scaling mountains, paddling all day, running the steepest mountains or smiling from sun up to sundown (and beyond).

Whilst I am able, I will!

Kellie and KC hiking in Wilsons Promontory, VIC Australia
Kellie and KC hiking in Wilsons Promontory, VIC Australia

Q: I know that you have completed the Kokoda Trail with your mum, how was that, we’d love to hear about the experience?

Kokoda was one of those experiences that i will never be able to duplicate.  Many people call these types of experiences as life changing, and I guess it does change the way you think about your life, the way you choose to live it and the experiences you will take on in the future.

“My grandfather (my Mum’s Dad) was at PNG in WW2”

My grandfather (my Mum’s Dad) was at PNG in WW2.  He didnt talk much about his time over there and although we had his diary, Mum wanted to see what he saw. So she initiated our trip.

I tell you, I have an amazing mother – you should have seen her dedicate so much of her precious time to training for our trip.  BUT it really did show, those PNG mountains were brutal, yet she just kept on keeping on…..she powered up them.

The trip was exhausting, both physically but also emotionally. We were fortunate to go with a terrific company and a really really outstanding tour guide. The team (porters, guides, other trekkers) really enhanced our experience.

For me, the time to reflect on the sacrifices those soldiers made was invaluable. One memory I had was whilst cooling off in a river (possibly the same way that the soldiers did when safe) was when we were joined by so many vibrantly coloured butterflies dancing overhead……this was something Percy (my grandfather) had experienced and documented in his diary.  We were sharing the same experience under different circumstances, decades apart.

This trip really was something I will never forget.

kellie 3
Bungonia caving and walking trip …look at mother natures work!!

Q: Is there any significant moment or time in your life when you decided that having such an active lifestyle, getting amongst nature, adventuring and taking on many of your previous feats was the right design for you?

I was a farm girl, so I had an active life from an early age.  I got into running at around 5am and my parents encouraged this.

In winter, when it was still dark before school, my mum would drive behind me in the car with headlights shining the way so I could train.  She would patiently drive along until I was ready to stop, then she’d take me home to shower before catching the bus to school.  I think the encouragement and support from family really helped.

Q: What combination do you think makes for amazing adventure experiences?

For me, the whole shebang……and there are so many combinations of ingredients that can be used to make an unforgettable adventure.

The main thing is having fun, pushing yourself to the limit physically, the enthusiasm to want to see beyond the next ridge or around the next corner, an open mind and staying safe.

Q: Long Distance events seem to be your thing, why do you do them, how to you train and what keeps you coming back for more?

I think it is about testing the limit…..we have been given these amazing tools (brain and body) and we really should test out our equipment!!!

I do listen to experts (coaches, groups etc) so I can train effectively even though sometimes I’m lazy, but I have good ears to listen to how my body feels so I don’t (touch wood) injure myself.  There’s a great team in Melbourne not sure if im allowed to plug them, but I will….Vigor (based in Fitzroy) they run running, cycling, kayaking training groups, massage, nutrition.  They have a holistic approach to training and are amazing for anyone with experience or newbies into the fitness world).

With a friend .. running
With a friend .. running

I keep coming back to them (Vigor) because the exhilaration from these activities really is addictive.  The friends I make are also addictive, so I guess Vigor is really like a support group for adventurers or activity junkies!!

Q: There are always challenging moments on any trip, have you encountered any and what did you do to get yourself through?

Your brain, whilst quite resilient, can, when exhasusted and being pushed pretty hard, become an angry, dark little piece of work.

Long distance events can not only take you on a high, but also on lows.  My trick to combatting this is definitely remembering how lucky I am to be out doing these things…..many others cannot.  Also making sure nutrition is done right, and laughing and smiling a lot….good company helps this one!!

Q: Most outdoor enthusiasts have a little bit of a gear fetish, what gear gets your pulse racing (LOL)? 

Hmmmm….for me it is my blue cap and a good pair of socks  (hardly high tech)….my cap goes everywhere.

Q: What have you learnt about yourself during your time as an outdoor enthusiast?

I have learnt that I am only human – and that’s enough.  As long as I have the opportunities and the willingness, I will keep having fun (even if some people don’t think running 50km is fun).

Q: EODA Xpeds has a particular interest in motivating women to challenge themselves in the outdoors. Do you have any thoughts on this, why it may be important, what it may allow women to achieve in their day to day lives, how important it is for women to have female mentors?

I think that there are a lot of women in their mid 30’s onwards who have lost confidence, perhaps they have been busy raising a family or have been waist deep in their careers, but they get to an age where they want to do something, but are not sure how to get out there.

Perhaps they don’t know who to go with, or what equipment they need.  Most would doubt if they are fit enough. That’s why reading blogs is a great tool to find out where to start, or where to go to meet others.

A few years ago I had moved back to Melbourne after a breakdown of a long term relationship, confidence and fitness shattered.  I was sitting in my sisters lounge room feeling sorry for myself when I thought….“well, no one is gonna come knocking on the door to save me from my own self pity”….if I want to get out of this lounge room and beyond then I’m gonna have to get out myself….and I did.  I googled meet up groups, activities, destinations, and started hatching plans.

Q: What would you say to other ladies to inspire their travels? 

Pack your bag and get out there!!


"You're never too young (or old) to get in on the action!!!"
“You’re never too young (or old) to get in on the action!!!”

Q: Now for the Quick question/answer dash, give us your first response to the following questions.

  • Most loved bit of kit? Blue hat
  • Favourite song? Anything happy
  • What colour jellybean? Anything except black
  • If you were an animal what would you be? Cheeky monkey
  • Fav travel location? Never been, but wanna trek Mont Blanc
  • Bucket list must see destination? Great wall of China
  • Role model (female)? Turia Pitt
  • As a kid you were…. loud
  • Never leave the house without…. Your undies on
  • What would you tell your younger self? Love yourself now, you’re pretty dame terrific
  • What would you tell your younger self? Love yourself now, you’re pretty dame terrific
With paddle in hand ready to kayak the Murrumbidgee River
With paddle in hand ready to kayak the Murrumbidgee River


Q: So finally, what’s next on your adventure agenda?

A few things are coming up – including another Murrumbidgee kayak, night half marathon (I love running at night), also a multi sport event or two. Thanks for the opportunity KC 🙂


Thankyou so much Kellie for letting us into your life a little, and sharing some of your thoughts on adventure, long distance running and what motivates you to keep at it.

You are truly amazing!



Kellie loved this pic
Kellie loved this pic


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