I love Social Media. Be it Instagram, Twitter, FB or any of the various other portals. 

Take Instagram, admittedly I am only newish to this social media buzz, but I’m hooked. What a great way to connect during those idle moments we all have, waiting for train, killing time during a lunch break, being that antisocial passenger in a car.

I don’t know about you but those are generally my opportunities to get on and check out what others have been up to.

I love posting and love the connection I am getting with friends, interest groups, outdoor companies and enthusiasts.

That is where the Hashtag comes in. Every Other Day Adventures wants to help connect people who have similar interests and now has its very own hashtags!

If you are looking for other intrepid types, nomads, explorers and adventurists? (yes I may have made that word up) Use our hashtags.


If you love to scope out whats new and interesting, Use our hashtags.


Are you out there exploring right now? We want to hear about it! Use our hashtags.


Do you have this taste for adventure?……yep you guessed it, Use our hashtags. 


No matter how big or small let the Every Other Day Adventures community know what your up to by using our very own hashtags to connect (see below image).


HELP US build a community of weekend explorers!!



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