High Sierra Brand Ambassador Announcement

I have travelled a lot, and been all over the world, so I know first hand why people call Australia the ‘Lucky Country’. We are spoiled here, with our vast National Parks, the diversity of our wildlife, great sandy deserts, coast lines to die for, rushing rivers, swelling flood plains, beaches and snow capped mountains. We have fantastic cultural cities and dynamic rural areas, we have wonders of the world and we even have our very own salt lake. Its a pretty diverse country from its landscape to its people. Ask any Aussie and they’ll tell you they wouldn’t swap it for the world.

Rafting Guiding down the Tully River
Rafting Guiding down the Tully River

I live in Far North Queensland. The last few months up here in Townsville have been exciting and packed full of adventures. You probably weren’t aware, but I had only planned to spend a year up here after moving up recently from Melbourne  (by the way, the best city in the world…by far) and that year is nearly up. With such little time up here to explore I tried to pack it all in. I wanted my year here in Townsville to feel like one big holiday and I think I have more then achieved that.

Paddling my white water kayak on Tully River so often has been an unforgettable experience. It will never get old. I can’t recommend this sport enough to the real adrenaline junkies out there.  The biggest THANKS to the guys that made my time on the river so much fun and safe.

I get that I am not the typical domestic version of girl, BUT HELLYEH I HAVE SOME FUN! I am totally making the most of this life.


I’ve remained committed to sharing my adventures through this blog, loving the experience and the feedback as I go along. Anyone who thinks that having a blog is easy peasy, is so wrong. My advice so far, keeping in mind that I am still a newbie, is you have to remain committed. Thats the first big secret.

Second big secret is shake of your doubts. Simple as that.

Most of the adventures I have written about so far have been action packed and adrenaline seeking, with the odd road trip included. I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and show you all the places I have visited previous to starting this blog. Maybe I will, maybe I will won’t, depends on how my plans for future come along.

Balancing a hunger for adventure and a full-time job can be lead you to needing to take a further holiday just to relax….but I can’t get enough of it all.

So you may be wondering where I am going with this. I kind of thought that myself.

Well, some really great positive news. I have been selected by High Sierra AusNZ to be apart of their Brand Ambassador program. I am totally excited by this for so many reasons. It is such privileged feeling to see that my commitment to this blog has inspired others, which was always my primary goal. Additionally, I love networking with like-minded people, and this has opened just a another opportunity to meet other highly motivated adventurers here in Australia. I’ve alway said you never know what you might learn from the person beside you and I’m super excited to have other outdoor enthusiasts and fellow Brand Ambassadors beside me 🙂

Well done to all the other peeps selected 🙂 I love the High Sierra gear and can’t wait to show you all its ruggedness and reliability.

So, from now on, you will also see me using the High Sierra hashtag on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you want to see what me and the other ambassadors are getting up to then check out #adventurethisway 
Of course the EODAXpeds community is still very much alive and growing, so don’t forget to use our hashtags for your own adventures.


Excited to be a part of the High Sierra Brand Ambassador Campaign
Excited to be a part of the High Sierra Brand Ambassador Campaign

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