High Sierra Brand Ambassador Announcement

I have travelled a lot, and been all over the world, so I know first hand why people call Australia the ‘Lucky Country’. We are spoiled here, with our vast National Parks, the diversity of our wildlife, great sandy deserts, coast lines to die for, rushing rivers, swelling flood plains, beaches and snow capped mountains. Continue reading High Sierra Brand Ambassador Announcement


I love Social Media. Be it Instagram, Twitter, FB or any of the various other portals. 

Take Instagram, admittedly I am only newish to this social media buzz, but I’m hooked. What a great way to connect during those idle moments we all have, waiting for train, killing time during a lunch break, being that antisocial passenger in a car.

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Keppel Island Sea Kayaking Symposium

There are some fantastic ‘old sea dogs’ out there in the Australian sea kayaking scene. I was lucky to meet just of few of them at a recent Sea Kayaking symposium on North Kepple Island, QLD…..

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Inspiring Female Adventurer Interview with Kellie!

Have you ever wondered how that women you know seems to be so full of energy and always off exploring the world so often.

Have you ever wondered “How can I do that”……well wonder no more, I know just the type of women you need inspiring from and here is my interview with her.

Welcome to the Inspiring Female Adventurers series.  I have a vision for Every Other Day Adventures to showcase amazing women that are achieving incredible results (both physically and mentally) through their engagement with the outdoors. I hope that this series helps to motivate you to have your own.

First cab of the rank is Kellie, who I recently interviewed. She is an incredibly uplifting, motivated and dedicated women and is the perfect person to lead us into this series.

I hope you enjoy this uplifting and motivating interview below with our first brave women – Kellie

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