Barron River, Cairns delivers me a WIPE OUT

Adrenaline is the only fuel you need when taking on the white water rapids on Tully River…

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Road Trippin’ – A Weekend visit to AIRLIE BEACH, QLD

What do you do with your long weekends?
My friends and I hate to waste any perfect opportunity to explore this amazing country of ours, so for us a long weekend  often means taking a “Roadie”.

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Celebrate every Milestone


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Every Other Day Adventures has reached over 100 people through both this blog and via Facebook.

Its so important in life that we celebrate the small milestones just as often as well pay tribute to huge and life changing ones, so this is my thanks to you all for your going support so far. I am absolutely STOCKED!

Writing this blog is a great challenge and a hell of a lot of fun for me, just like the adventures I love to take myself.

So heres to you all, to your own adventures and my many more to come.


JABBA takes another! Tully River take two.

Tully River take two. We’re back for another go. Feeling slightly more confident then our last visit (thank god!), all of us with just a few more skills.

You’ll remember lesson one: Always respect the river.

Well here’s lesson two: Make the Eddy your friend!

An Eddy:  “a section of water that forms behind exposed boulders and on the sides of rivers around bends. As the river flows by these areas it creates an effect that causes the water in the eddy to flow up stream. Eddys are usually calm spots that kayaks, rafts, and canoes can sit in while the rest of the river flows downstream.”

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Time to Test Out your Travel Knowledge

Today I’m introducing the “WHERE AM I” Challenge. The first of many to come.

I think this one will be easy for some of you!

“Hit me right and I’m A-okay, Come in too, fast and it’s a challenging day”


So all, where am I?


Where am I
An Airport up so high, and classified the most extreme and dangerous!