Inspiring Female Adventurer Interview with Kellie!

Have you ever wondered how that women you know seems to be so full of energy and always off exploring the world so often.

Have you ever wondered “How can I do that”……well wonder no more, I know just the type of women you need inspiring from and here is my interview with her.

Welcome to the Inspiring Female Adventurers series.  I have a vision for Every Other Day Adventures to showcase amazing women that are achieving incredible results (both physically and mentally) through their engagement with the outdoors. I hope that this series helps to motivate you to have your own.

First cab of the rank is Kellie, who I recently interviewed. She is an incredibly uplifting, motivated and dedicated women and is the perfect person to lead us into this series.

I hope you enjoy this uplifting and motivating interview below with our first brave women – Kellie

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JABBA takes another! Tully River take two.

Tully River take two. We’re back for another go. Feeling slightly more confident then our last visit (thank god!), all of us with just a few more skills.

You’ll remember lesson one: Always respect the river.

Well here’s lesson two: Make the Eddy your friend!

An Eddy:  “a section of water that forms behind exposed boulders and on the sides of rivers around bends. As the river flows by these areas it creates an effect that causes the water in the eddy to flow up stream. Eddys are usually calm spots that kayaks, rafts, and canoes can sit in while the rest of the river flows downstream.”

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The Swell of Sea Kayaking

If you have noticed the cover picture of Every Other Day Adventures, you would have noted the kayakers paddling toward a distant landmass and you might have even guessed that this is an activity that I loved to do.

That particular picture was taken during a long 17km paddle along the eastern coastline of Tasmania, Australia. Our destination – Wineglass Bay. With no shore stops and just a constant pull through the water this quite arduous task proved to behold an awesome reward as we rounded the corner to the end.

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