I know I am not alone when I say I feel most alive and free whenever I’m out there having an adventure!

Hi all, I’m Kasey 

Happy. At Mt Everest Base Camp
Happy. At Mt Everest Base Camp

I have been travelling, exploring and having adventures for years now.


Very accustomed to what many would call ‘roughing it’, I have been a lover of wild open spaces for many many years, probably since my childhood (thanks Dad).

My journeys have been wide ranging, having hiked many beautiful locations overseas, like Nepals  Base Camp Circuit and closer to home here in Australia. I’ve kayaked along our stunning East Coast and explored the Sea Caves of Bruny Island in Tasmania. I’ve made camp on remote beaches that are rarely seen by others, slept in hammocks in the Cambodian Jungle and enjoyed luxury hotel suites (everyone needs a pamper here and there).

I Love the determination of solo traveller, but equally enjoy the company of likeminded strangers during tour group experiences. Travel is travel and I’m open to all ideas 🙂

What ever it may be, I make the most of it. 

Life is either an adventure, or nothing!

So why Blog?

People were always making comment about the exciting things I was getting up to. So I took a chance and thought I’d see if others were interested. When asked how I fit in all my other activities, I would reply with something like “I try and kayak every other day”, I found I was saying that phrase quite often AND SO it stuck and is now my Blog name – Every Other Day Adventures….because thats what we should be aiming for.

It’s great to have the big planned trips away, but don’t forget how important these mini events can be. For an intrepid soul, those are the ones that sustain us!.

So, here I am hoping to entertain and inspire you all by sharing with you my memories and my stories of outdoor adventure and travel.

After working for many many years to the grind and needs of others, I am taking a leap of faith and chasing my dream job.

I have big plans to make travel and adventuring my full time employment. Every Other Day Adventures ( aka EODA Xpeds) is my starting point.

This blog makes up a small part of EODA Xpeds overall success. The idea is to create a community of followers that find joy and inspiration from my stories and be as equally inspired by my readers..

I am as passionate about exploring different countries as I am about seeing the wonders of my own country, Australia.

Showcasing my travels and motivating you all toward your own is my absolute vision!


 So please get involved, follow my blog, read, ask questions and share with me as I make this travel blog a must read!

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂 I guess my moto for life is “it’s an adventure or nothing!” I just love how the outdoors grows a person and I want to be as experience rich as I can. So great to have you on board following my adventures 🙂

  1. HI! Thanks for the “follow.” We look forward to reading about your blog! Best of luck on making adventuring/traveling more than a hobby… we are very jealous 🙂

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